Väiski 2020 Code of Conduct

  1. The goups are limited to two groups of ten people + one leader over the age of 18. You are not to decide othrwise if not told so by the camp organization.
  2. We expect good scout like behavior from all of our international attendees. We tolerate no bullying or misbehavior of any sort.
  3. In Finland we have scout leaders from the age 15 upwards. This means that if any of our leaders come and talk with you you are not to disobay them. They are as much of a leader as a 45-year old leader.
  4. Swearing, creating loud noices during the silent hours and any kind of biggotry is not tolerated.
  5. Väiski 2020 staff has the right to remove you from the camp if seen neccesary. Any costs (plane tickets, bus, train etc…) due to an early exit from the camp caused by breaking these rules are not covered by Väiski 2020 or by any other scout association.

If you find that you can agree with these terms then we are more than happy to welcome to our camp! For more information or any guestions in mind please do not hesitate to contact Jasper Kurjenniemi, Head Of Internatinal Affairs.

Email: jasper.kurjenniemi@scout.fi
Phone: +358445191220